Mega Brick Seal

Mega Brick Seal

The Mega Brick Seal is a sleek, strong semi-barrier security seal optimised for detailed and extensive barcode marking with its ample space.
Highly tamper-evident with an innovative curved locking mechanism that protects against picking, the Mega Brick Seal can be applied to secure various applications for a range of security requirements to secure goods-in-transit within national banking systems and financial institutions.

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Strong, Pull-tight Barrier & Semi Barrier Cable Seal

  • Molded with high-impact ABS material with a zinc die cast locking mechanism. The resilient high-impact ABS material does not break easily and shows clear evidence of tampering.
  • The built-in curved locking mechanism for the cable insertion prevents picking and provides greater protection against tampering.
  • One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking body.
  • The Mega Brick Seal is etched with permanent laser marking for names, logos, sequential numbers and barcodes, which offers the highest level of marking security. There is ample space for marking serial numbers of up to 26 digits.
  • RFID Tags can also be added to the Mega Brick Seal within the seal body, further enhancing its security features and capabilities.



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