Single-Use Lashing Systems

Single-Use Lashing Systems

Lashing Straps are a cost effective and easy to handle. They are a suitable alternative for ratchet tie down straps or complex wooden crates. The use of lashing is steadily increasing as a method for load securing on flat racks and in containers.

[textbox title=”Polyester Lashing Systems” title_color=”#262626″ title_fontsize=”24″ text_content=”Lashing systems are used to tie bulky goods together and to fix them on suitable carriers. In combination with our buckles and fasteners, a reliable connection between product and carrier is established.
Lashing straps are available in a variety of strengths and widths to support a huge number of loading applications in trucks, containers, railway wagons, flat racks and vessels.

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Lashing straps supplied by Mega Fortris are available in widths from 32 to 50 mm with break strengths from 2000 daN in linear traction up to 8000 daN within a system. Based on the type goods to be loaded and the type of carrier to be used, we are able to consult with you comprehensively and answer any questions. Our complete portfolio of lashing straps are certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

  • High tensile strength
  • Easy handling
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd
  • Suitable for all carriers
  • Combinable with other cargo securing systems – e.g. dunnage bags
  • One-way strapping for securing (Lashing) on flats, rail and in containers
  • No risk of injury for shippers and consignees in using or opening the strapping
  • Alternative to expensive ratchet straps and bulky binding wires.

MF Lashing Tensioners have been manufactured to the highest standards using the best quality materials. This Tensioner provides high tension strength allowing for a more secure load.

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