Fast Seal 3.5mm 18″

Fast Seal 3.5mm 18″

  • Special clip in locking mechanism to increase security.
  • Laser Printing for added Security.
  • Pull Strength 35kgs PP version.

Download Fast Seal 3.5mm Datasheet


A Strong Plastic Security Seal With Metal Locking Mechanism

The MF Fast Seal 3.5mm 18″ is a strong and durable indicative plastic security seal with highly tamper-evident security features.

Fast Seal 3.5mm 18" Features

  • It is suitable for securing goods in transit for various sectors: banks, postal services, airline cargo, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages and transportation of high-value goods.
    • The Fast Seal 3.5″ is a strong and durable seal designed for longer length and stronger sealing requirements.
    • The large flap area allows ample space for codings.
    • The embedded spikes at the back of the seal provide better strapping grip on bags / other slippery materials.
    • The security rib at the entry point enables pre-tampering to be detected easily. Heat staking technology is used to permanently fix the cap to the seal.
    • Heat staking cannot be cut or forced open without leaving clear evidence of tampering.
    • The Fast Seal 3.5 is etched with irreversible and permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential numbers and barcodes.
    • Durable Nylon or PP securing strap gives the users a choice of strength to match different applications.
    • Colour coding is made possible by using combinations of multi-coloured seals and multi-coloured caps.