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Secure your supply chain with Mega Fortris Hu security seals


As a major supplier to a broad range of industries, Mega Fortris group is one of the worlds largest security seal manufacturers. From the shipping and transport industry, to manufacturing companies and governmental authorities. Our products are versatile and customizable to meet any type of needs.

Since 2005 Mega Fortris Hungary has built a professional team of 16 dedicated members, who are always ready to provide our customers with the highest level of service. We have 2 local warehouses and an in-house modern laser-marking department, which ensures a short production and delivery time. With these facilities at hand, we are able to customize even small size orders. Our products are sold and distributed all over Eastern Europe through our local partner network.

Introducing Biodegradable Seals

Securing your valuable goods during transit.


Mega Fortris are offering cost-effective load secure products to prevent and avoid accidents and cargo damage through the logistic chain.

Our products are produced in accordance with recognized Quality Standards like ISO 9001 and other management systems. They fulfil all international standards and regulations.

The Mega Fortris dedicated team will help you getting the right solution for your specific load application for different kinds of transport modes like road, sea, railway, air or a combination thereof.

From our local stock, we offer our customers timely deliveries all over Europe.


Security Seal Manufacturer in Budapest

About Mega Fortris Hungary

Mega Fortris Hungary was established in 2005 in Budapest to serve the market of Central Europe. The company developed quickly and became in short time the leader distributor of security seals in Hungary.

The precise and non stop service is provided by our professional team with 16 dedicated members and through our two well equipped storage with great capacity. We can serve also the smaller, specific orders through our modern laser works.


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